Whether you require a logo, posters, or brochures, we know graphic design. 
Johannesburg businesses hire us for our creative eye and technical expertise. We know how valuable your time is. That’s why our design process is simple.


We will have an initial consultation with you to discover and define your needs and how we can best promote your company. We also learn about your competitiors, your target market, your strengths and weaknesses.


At this stage we define what your project goals are in order to create an end result that highlights your company’s strengths. We will send a quote to you and with your approval, immediately begin on your project.


With our project goals defined, we start our brainstorming and concept sketches. We focus on creating a cohesive look that will best represent your brand as well as captivate your target market. We will present you with our initial concept and tweak it until you are thrilled with your new look.


This is the part where we take the approved concept and turn it into something real - a printed brochure, a magazine advert, a logo or letterhead.

What we Design


adWhether you need an ad for a local paper, major newspaper or magazine, we have the know how to produce an effective advertisement and provide a print ready file to the publications specifications.


billboardDesigning a billboard is visual storytelling. An effective billboard grabs a person’s attention and creates a memorable impression, leaving the reader to think about the ad after they have driven by the billboard.


brochureOur creative layouts are more than just simple design. We'll help your brochures tell a story, and keep your readers flipping through the pages. By combining marketing strategies with our design, we can help you create a successful catalogue or brochure.

Business Cards

business cardThe primary role of a business card is to ensure that your potential client has all your contact details. But almost as important is the message that your business cards sends about your business. It acts as a reflection of what your client can expect when dealing with you – it represents your image and needs to jump out from the pile and leave no doubt as to who you are and that you will deliver quality service or products. We will make sure that your business card stands head and shoulders above the clutter.

Email newsletter design and distribution

A monthly management service that will create and deploy your email campaigns using an industry leading email marketing platform.

  • Send well-designed emails to your database of clients
  • We manage the design and deployment of campaigns
  • You can log into your campaign to see all statistics
  • Click-through tracking will show you which links inside the email attracts your client’s eyes
  • Bounce reports will show which email accounts are invalid
  • Subscribers can subscribe and unsubscribe directly with the campaign. A subscription form for your email campaign can be placed on your website
  • The email campaigns follow the CAN-SPAM guidelines to minimize any spamming possibilities
  • Emails that are sent are designed for maximum compatibility with all leading email programs
  • You do not risk being blacklisted by your email hosting company for sending your own emails out through standard email programs



A monthly management service that will create and deploy your email campaigns using an industry leading email marketing platform.

Flyers & Posters

posterHand out flyers that promote action and posters that grabs attention. Flyers and Posters take basically the same design approach, except that posters are always single sided and made for viewing from a distance and flyers can be single or double sided and will generally contain more content. The design price for flyers and posters are all the same. Flyers sizes would range from A6 to A4 maximum and posters could range form A4 to A0. Naturally any custom size can be printed by the printing companies and we can design any custom size.


infographicBig amount of data that is easy to read. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with statistics and information it is nice to gain valuable insight into a industry, sector or even complete mindsets using visual comparisons to show statistics. You will not only be able to show the data in a more interesting way, but it will make an impact and people will be able to easily recall our infographic content.

Logo Design

logoThe first impression of your business is your logo and brand. What does your brand say about you? Every business needs a solid brand identity with a powerful logo that will last for years to come. We can give your existing logo a tune-up or build you a new one from scratch.

Outdoor Branding

outdoorOutdoor branding and signage says a lot about you in a big way, so do it right. We design everything from billboards and banners to store-front signage and marquees.